First Annual Individual Bridge Tournament, 2006

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Posted by CNASA on September 20, 2006 at 21:56:08:


First Annual Individual Bridge Tournament, 2006


1. Tournament information:


      Host: The Chinese North American Sports Association (CNASA), MIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association (MIT-CSSA).

      Date/Time: 2:30 pm - 11:00 pm, Oct. 28, 2006.

      Location: MIT classroom 26-322 and 26-328

      Refreshment will be provided


2. Registration:


      This tournament opens to all bridge players with Chinese origin, who are currently living, studying or visiting Greater Boston and New England area.

      Email your name & phone number to:  (before Oct. 27, 2006).

      Registration Fee: $10 per player **.

      Contact:  Frank Lin, cell phone 508-284-3928


3. Tournament movement:


            This tournament will be run in two sessions, the afternoon and evening session, about 24 boards will be played in each session.


At the beginning of each session, players will be randomly drawn into several groups (8 players in a group); A special movement designed by Richard Pavlicek ( will be used in this race, but we will cut short in 6 rounds for each session, so 4 boards for each round. At most, a player will meet the other player as partner on 4 boards, as opponent on 8 boards.


            Each round, player should brief your bidding and signaling system with your new partner. A standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) or 2/1 is recommended.


4. Award:


Combined the scores from two sessions, the three individual with best score will be presented with CNASA Trophy in the closing ceremony.


** Current MIT students and employee will receive free entry to the tournament; Non MIT student will pay $5 for the entry; Entry for second player from the same household will be discounted at $5.


*** Since the tournament runs through the evening, player can elect to order Chinese food box for $5 each.