Weekend Parking and Map/Direction at MIT

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Posted by CNASA on May 19, 2006 at 16:30:57:

Weekend Parking and Map/Direction at MIT

for CNASA Weekend Sports Event Participates


(Provide by CNASA Committee, Submitted by Ying Chang, April 8, 2003)



Here is the information of Weekend Parking and Map/Direction at MIT for our CNASA and MIT CAST weekend sports events participates:


I. Parking


Ample free parking is available (if there is no special MIT event reservation signs front of Garages) in parking lots on the M.I.T. campus close to the MIT competition gyms.


West Garage

The nearest parking lots are West Garage off Vassar Street ( MAP ).


 Kresge Lot

( MAP ), which is accessed via

Amherst Alley, opposite of 77 Mass. Ave, MIT.


Main Lot

The Main Lot, which is accessed by going under Building 39 ( MAP ), on Vassar Street, is off-limits 24-hours a day during weekend.


II. Map/Directions


Here's how to get to M.I.T. (M.I.T.'s homepage's directions) ( MAP ).


Once you get to M.I.T., we are at the corner of Mass Ave (Massachusetts Avenue) and Vassar St.


duPont Athleic Center looks like a former Boston armory -- all

brick; though don't confuse it with the much larger warehouse across the street. There are very small signs in front for duPont Real Estate Office


Zesiger Center (a new athletic building with a new swimming pool and skating court) is next to duPont and Student Center.


Here's an M.I.T. map showing detail of where duPont and Zesiger Athletic Center are.




III. Campus Police.


Once you're inside, it's impossible to miss the gym. If you get lost on campus, ask anyone where duPont or Zesiger is. If they're clueless, try asking for the Student Center (building w20); duPont (building w32) is right next to it. Note that the duPont Real Estate Office is actually in building

w31, which is internally connected to w32.


Please feel free to ask CNASA <cnasa_ne@yahoo.com> if you have any question on this.