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Posted by CNASA on October 06, 2005 at 11:30:09:



  1. Registration information:
    • Event hosted by: The Chinese North American Sports Association-CNASA.
    • Event name: 2005 3rd CNASA CUP TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT
    • Date:  9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Oct. 23, 2005.
    • Location: MIT DuPond Athletic Center
    • Participants: Social group, school or individual.
    • Events: Men Team (A); Men Team (B), Women Team, Junior (Under 16) Team.
    • Team player number, Age, and Rating: 3 to 5 players per team; Please submit team name and player list, and rating (if known, for reference).
    • Team needs to have uniform. For each event, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team gets troppy.
    • Check for more info.
  2. Registration procedure:
    • Email entry to : before Oct. 15, 2005
    • Fee: $50 per team if received before Oct. 18. $10 more after Oct. 18. If not paid before the event start time, registration will not be valid.                             Payable to CNASA

         Please send to: CNASA P.O.Box 381463 Cambridge MA 02138-1463

  1. The draw:
    • For each event, the draw and grouping will be done on or before the game day. Game starts at 10 am. We plan to have round robin with each group and then cross over between winning teams.
  2. Game rules:
    • There are 4 Events in all: Men¨s team (A and B), Women¨s team, Junior team. For every team match, only three players per team are allowed, and winning is best of five. Match between players is also decided best of five 11-point games.
    • The USATT rules apply.
  3. Additional information:
    • Team captain should sign in at the control desk at 9 am.
    • Players bring their own peddle while the game host will provide the game balls.
    • This is a non-profit event. While the host will provide some first aid kits to help with minor injuries, players and their team will be responsible for taking care their own problems.
    • All teams are responsible for their own meal and water needs. However lunch (Chinese take-out) can be ordered by Oct. 20 ($5 per meal) if the number of meal you need is emailed to us.
    • All teams should help with cleaning and returning tables when asked. via email.