2nd Annual Badminton Tournament

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Posted by CNASA on May 03, 2004 at 10:29:03:

Files for download: AGENDA AND RULES (pdf 14k) Guideline (pdf 10k)

CNASA CUP/MITCSSA  2nd Annual Badminton Tournament




2nd CNASA (cooperate by MIT CSSA) Badminton Tournament will be held at MIT Zesiger Athletic Center on May 8, 2004 (Saturday) from 9:00am to 6:00pm.




The captains of participating teams shall arrive before 9:15 am. Team Registration (Captain sign in) and Lot Drawing will begin at 9:15 to 9:30 am promptly. All the players shall arrive before 9:30 am and the game will begin at 9:45 am promptly.


There are totally three rounds in this tournament.


First round: Pool-Round

There will be nine teams participating in this mixed (co-ed double) event. These nine teams will be divided into three groups, namely, Group A, B and C. Each group consists of three teams. In each group, there will be a pool round competitions (Each team in one group will have a chance to play against other two teams). After the pool round competitions, the first-place and the second-place teams in that group will be determined and advance into the semi-final.


Second round: Direct Elimination (Semi-Final)

In this round, the first-place of group A will match the second-place of group C, the first-place of group B will match the second-place of group A, and the first-place of group C will match the second-place of group B. The winning teams of this round will advance into the final.


Three round: Final

The three winning teams from the semi-final will play the whole round competitions (Each team will have a chance to play against other two teams) to determine the champion, the second place and the third place.




1. In each team match, the order of the individual match is as following: MenÕs Single, WomenÕs Single, MenÕs Double, WomenÕs Double and Mixed Double. Each player can only participate no more than two events in the same team match.


2. In Men's singles and MenÕs doubles a game is won by the first side to score 15 points. In Women's singles, WomenÕs doubles, and Mixed doubles a game is won by the first side to score 11 points.


3. Each team will provide two referees for the tournament.

Teams and Captains                                                                                


  1. Waltham Badminton Club-1                           Youlin Wu, Thomas Yang,

Solomon Su, Kang Wang

  1. Waltham Badminton Club-2
  2. Waltham badminton Club-3                            Yin Luo
  3. Umass Team                                                   Xianju Wang, Gang Shen
  4. MIT CSSA                                                     Yi Zheng, Jin Yi,  Jiede Jacky Liang,
  5. Framingham Century CLS                              Zhiping You
  6. Newton NCLS                                                            Daniel Xu, Allan Guo
  7. Brown CSSA                                                  Jiangfeng Fei
  8. Harvard Badminton Club                                Cathy Ivory Cheng


Waiver of Liability:


Upon entering this tournament under the auspices of the CNASA/ MITCSSA, I, the team leader, agree to abide by the current rules of the CNASA. I understand our participation in this Badminton Tournament on Saturday May 8, 2004 is for enjoyment. I also understand and am aware that our participation in this sports tournament may sustain physical injuries regardless of fault. I further relinquish any legal claim against CNASA/MITCSSA and its board/committee members in the event that anyone of us is injured during the tournament on May 8, 2004.


Before game starts:


Signature                                                                                                         05/08/04


Each Team Leader                   School/Association Name                               Date


Awarding Ceremony


Trophies will award top three winning teams by the end of tournament.  All games will be end by 5:30 pm.




Contact CNASA front desk for lunch order if you need: $5/per person including one bottle of spring water.


Please Contact to CNASA <cnasa_ne@yahoo.com > if you have question.


Thank you for your cooperation and good luck with your team (s).




CNASA 2nd Badminton Organization Committee

May 1, 2004