Boston Anti-SARS Benefit Performance

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Posted by CNASA on June 06, 2003 at 07:31:35:
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Dear Members & Friends:


We are very happy to share with you a large found raising Anti-SARS Benefit performance party r is going to be launched by Associations of Boston Chinese Professions, Anti-SARS committee (ABCP, Anti-SARS) week next Saturday night.



Event:                Boston Anti-SARS Benefit Performance

Date:                 Saturday, June 14th, 2003

Time:                 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Location:            22 Pratts Mill Rd. Sudbury, MA01776

Ticket:               $25.00, $50.00


This will be the biggest and very significant Anti-SARS fundraising Benefit Performance what is organizing in Boston area. Several famous art professionals like Mr. Hu, Biing, Ms. Wei, Jing, Mr. Li, Yuxin, Mr. Wang Mingjun and more than ten popular non-professional art groups in the local with over 80 performers will participate this party. Boston most active Chinese “Yang Qing” player Mr. Zhang, Zhen-Tian and his students are also going to join this party.



Total about 12 comprehensive programs which cross Solos, double, model and traditional Chinese folks dances, instrument playing, as well as Chorus have been confirmed so far.


The theme of this Performance party would be “Wuo2-Men2-Zhong4-Zhi4-Cheng2-Cheng2”.

General consul Hongxi Zhang from New York China consulate will attend this party and formally accept found what ABCP has collected. (Notes: ABCP has raised about $ 4000 from June 1st

Benefit consulting fair already)


Let's give our care, our aid, and our respect to those standing hero in the front line of the war with SARS in China. Thank you all for your participation and devotion that will make this all happened!



The following draft what programs have been planned so far, it will be enhanced with a formal program list at the party.



            Program List for Anti-SARS Benefit Performance Party on June 14th


  1. Dance:  <<Motherland is mother>>

- Dongfan Dance Troup, Newton Chinese School

  1. Multiple Instrument talent show<<xxxxxx>>

      - Zhang Zhengtian & his student


  1. Solo <<I love you, China>>                 

      -   Wei, Jing, Famous Songbird



       4.   Mongolia Dance: <<Song for Shepherd>>

-        Boston Hua-Zi dance troupe


  1. Solo <<Hometownmate>>                               

-        Mr. Wang Minjun, Pop Songster

-        Asian Culture Center




  1. Shan-Bei Folk Dance <<Lan Hua-Hua>>                     


-        Boston Hua-xia Dance Troup



  1. Shan-Bei Forks Dance <<Lan Huahau>>                    


-        Boston Hua-xia Dance Troup


  1. Solo <<Song of Wu-Su-Li sheep>>                             

-  Li, Yuxin, Famous Songster




  1. Solo <<That is me>>                           

-        Mr.Hu, Bing, Famous Songster


  1. Dance: <<Story of Yellow River>>

-        Boston Hua-Zi dance troupe



  1. Chorus of Poem Speech <<<<Wo-Men-Zong-Zhi-Chen-Chen>>

 -    ABCP fellows(1-2 from each group)


  1. Ceremony for handing over the Big checks to General consul Mr. Zhang

Hong Xi by all ABCP fellows 



  1. Chorus: <<Song for Yangtze River>>


-        Dongfan Chorus

-        Yellow River Chorus

-        Zhong-hua-gong-suo Chorus


Associations of Boston Chinese Professionals Anti-SARS Committee