Anti-SARS Benefit Consulting Fair

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Posted by CNASA on May 29, 2003 at 05:15:01: Click here to download registration form

Care and Love

Support and Participate

Anti-SARS Benefit Consulting Fair and Dancing Party


By Association of Boston Chinese Professionals (ABCP) Anti-SARS Committee and Asian Cultural Center


At Asian Culture Center

368 West Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801


On June 1, 2003 (Sunday)

6:30pm -10:30 pm

Dear Members and Friends:

SARS outbreak recently in China has caught our heart. This deadly disease has already claimed hundreds of lives and quarantined tens of thousands of potential patients. Medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers have left behind their children, spouses and parents to work day and night to save people's lives at the risk of their own.

The Association of Boston Chinese Professionals Anti-SARS Committee, including 11 organizations, and Asian Culture Center will hold a benefit consulting fair and dancing party, the first one of series activities, to raise money for supporting the fight against SARS in China. Please take this opportunity to show your care and love with your support and participation. To have a fine and benefit event, we arrange a free consulting fair for medical, health, drug development, SARS, entrepreneurship, business administration, investment, intellectual property, and estate planning, organization introduction, etc., and a dancing party from which you can improve your dance skills by taking our free dance lesson, have a chance to enjoy a beautiful dance show, and of course, you will also have a chance to show off your own dancing prowess. For all of these opportunities, you only need to contribute $10 for the normal ticket (If you would like to contribute more, the sponsorship ticket with the dollars as you like or a donation box is ready for you). Your participation would be very appreciated.

Please join us and fight together against SARS.

q          Free Consulting Fair:


Table 1: Medical (ACMA)

1.     Public Medical Education

2.     SARS Related Issues Consultation

3.     Medical Career Development Advice

4.     Personal Health Care Consultation

Table 2: Anti-SARS (ACMA, and answer all kinds of questions)

Table 3: Health (MSTCM, and provide Chinese chiropractic therapy)

Table 4: Anti-SARS Drug Development (SAPA-NE)

1. SAPA introduction
2. Anti-SARS drug developments and others
3. Anti-SARS symposium information
4. SAPA-NE events and functions

Table 5: Anti-SARS Drug Development (IABMR)

Table 6: IT Job Searching (NECINA)

1. Where are the jobs?

2. How to improve your interview?

3. Job openings, submit your resume


Table 7: Anti-SARS Pictures Exhibition (CNASA, and introducing the activities)

Table 8: Anti-SARS Benefit Sales (MIT-CAST)

Table 9: Entrepreneurship (OCEAN)

1.     Establish and register company; write business plan and raise fund; business opportunities in US & China; business administration and writing skills programs

2.     Investments; intellectual property; estate planning

3.     All aspects and questions about entrepreneurship

Table 10: Others


q          Dance Party:


o          Dance Show

o          Free Dance Instruction

o          Dances




q      Ticket: $10.00 per person

q      Sponsorship Ticket: Volunteer with no limit

q      Donation Box: Volunteer with no limit

q      Refreshments will be served at a reasonable/donation cost

q      Payments may be made in cash or check (Payable to The Red Cross, and write "exclusively for China Anti-SARS" on the check)

q      Brief messages may be attached to each donation and together with the donor’s name will be published in newspapers in China or in the US 

q      All funds raised in the events will be donated to the Red Cross and used exclusively in China for fighting against SARS

q      One representative of each organization will form a fund-raising team to oversee the whole events




q      Association of Boston Chinese Professionals (ABCP) Anti-SARS Committee:


o      MIT Chinese Association of Science & Technology (MIT-CAST)

o      American Chinese Medical Association (ACMA)

o      Massachusetts Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM)

o      Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professional Association-New England (SAPA-NE)

o      International Association of Biological and Medical Research (IABMR)

o      Chinese North American Sport Association (CNASA)

o      New England Chinese Information & Network Association (NECINA)

o      Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (OCEAN)

o      Boston Herb Institute (BHI)

o      American Chinese Medical Center (ACMC)

o      China Press Boston


q      Asian Cultural Center (Boston)


q      Coordinator: Mr. Kaibin Wu

q      Dance Party Moderator: Dr. Yanzhen Zhang

q      Contactor: Ms. Jennifer Zhu (617-922-0718 CP,





I-95 NORTH:    Take the WASHINGTON ST exit towards WINCHESTER/WOBURN, exit #36. Turn Right on WASHINGTON ST. Turn Right on BIRCH DR/W CUMMINGS PARK.


I-95 SOUTH:     Take the WASHINGTON ST. exit towards CUMMINGS PARK/READING/WINCHESTER, exit #36. Continue on MISHAWUM RD. Turn Right on WASHINGTON ST. Turn Right on BIRCH DR/W CUMMINGS PARK.


I-93 NORTH:    Take the MONTVALE AVE exit towards STONEHAM/WOBURN, exit #36. Turn Left on MONTVALE AVE. Turn Right on WASHINGTON ST. Turn Left on BIRCH DR/W CUMMINGS PARK.


I-93 SOUTH:     Take the I-95 SOUTH/RT-128 SOUTH exit towards WALTHAM, exit #37B, merge on I-95 SOUTH. Take the WASHINGTON ST. exit towards CUMMINGS PARK/READING/WINCHESTER, exit #36. Continue on MISHAWUM RD. Turn Right on WASHINGTON ST. Turn Right on BIRCH DR/W CUMMINGS PARK.


More Detailed Information:


In the West Cummings Park or on Washington St., Building 200 can be seen with a big sign of “Cumming Properties”. Drive on Birch Drive in the right side of Building 200 (It is just under the sign of 200) to end, turn little left, then little right. Asian Cultural Center is there with a big free parking lot. If you need help, please call Ms. Jennifer Zhu at 617-922-0718 CP.