2011 115th Boston Marathon

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Posted by CNASA on April 18, 2011 at 23:12:42:

2011 115th Boston Marathon

2011 April 18 PatriotĄŻs Day 115th Boston Marathon 9:17am starts with Push-on Rim Wheelchair Division at the starting point Hopkinton. Yearly Boston Marathon is principal sponsored by John Hancock Financial and organized by Boston Athletic Association-www.baa.org.

The race distance is 26 Miles, 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers). The legendary Boston marathon course follows a point-to-point route from rural Hopkinton to Boston and is certified per the guidelines set forth by the IAAf and USA Track and Field. Race starts Hopkinton, runs over Ashland, Frammingham. Natick, half way to Wellesley, pass Newton, Brookline, arrives Boston finish line of Copley Square Photo Bridge.

9:32am, Elite WomenĄŻs starts. #F11 Ms. Kim Smith of NZL ran ahead of team by 5k and 10K. She gears blue, unbelievable strong, drives her arm powerfully away100 yard from the behind and leads by 10:28, 10 :40 close 15K, anthem. She will finish her Ph.D and she likes to be on the front. However, she has the good problem on her right angle, raced by the 5 Kenya group behind at around 11:10 on the 30miles, then, dropped out of the court.

11:30am, MenĄŻs Push Rim wheelchairs finish, W2 Masazumi Soejima (40yrs) of Japan Fukuokawon the race by 1:18:50. WomenĄŻs Wakako Tsuchida (37yers) of Japan Tokyo won by 1:34:06.

11:50 , F8 Caroline Kilet (30) of Kenya Bomet first ran over the finish line by 2:22:36. F13 Davlia Desiree(27) USA Rochester Hills MI finishes 2nd by 2:22:38.F4 Cherup Sharon(27) of Kenya Marakwet is on 3rd by 2:22:42.

12noon, #2Geoffrey Mutai (29) of Kenya eldoret won the MenĄŻs champion by 2:03:02, #22Moses Mosop (23) of Kenya iten finishes 2nd by 2:03:06, and #17 Gebregziabher gebremariam (26) of bEthopia finishes 3rd of 2:04:49.

On the post conference, all of the athletes said that the crowd are amazing, cheering the athletes, cheering the USA, crowd are crazy, and they love the PatriotĄŻs Day, love Marathon with its long run and love Boston.

April 18, 2011 report