Dragon Boat Festival on June 8th

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Posted by CNASA on June 04, 2008 at 20:46:41:

Dear CNASA Board and Friends,

Dragon Boat Festival(DBF) will be held by DBF on Sunday June 8, around Charles
River between JFK Harvard Sq and Westen Ave. Please come in and enjoy the big
our-door sports event. Nancy Cao and 5 students from CNASA will help on the
race organization.

Under the support of DBF committee www.bostondragonboat.org, and Mrs. Gail Wang,
MITCAST, CNASA and Sichuan Forks will co-sponsor the Sichuan Earthquake Relief Donation event at A&C (Arts&Crafts) tent, where is near WeekFootBridge. The DBF map and poster, designed by Huajian at MITCAST, are attached here to help you find the place. Please walk in to have your lovely hand. The donation will be run from 10:30am-5pm at A&C tent. Cuiping, Jim and I will be there around 10-10:30.

Please contact me if you have suggestions.