CNASA Volleyball Tournament China Earthquake Relief

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Posted by CNASA on May 17, 2008 at 08:34:50:

On Monday, May 12, at 2.28 p.m., a major earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, jolted southwestern China's Sichuan Province. Several lower-scale earthquakes and aftershocks followed in the same area. The quake destroyed many buildings in the area, as well as infrastructure like communication towers. Monday¡¯s Major tremor is estimated to have killed at least 22,000 people ¡ª and that toll has continued to rise dramatically as rescue teams reach the most affected areas. In cities near the earthquake's epicenter, thousands are buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings.

On Saturday, May 17 (yesterday), 5.5 magnitude aftershock hit Sichuan Province ¡ª one of the strongest in a series of more than 4,400 tremors since Monday ¡ª causing landslides, disrupting telecommunications and blocking roads in already-devastated areas.

People in quake-struck areas are in great needs of help. Your money, if you donate now, will be sent to china directly under the name of 2008 CNASA Volleyball Tournament. Your donation will not only help the people in the affected area to get food, clothing and shelter they desperately need right now, but also make today¡¯s event more meaningful! Your one dollar, 5 dollars and 20 dollars will stretch a long way in China. It could provide a bottle of water, put a warm meal on the table and buy some medical supplies for people who are suffering.

Let¡¯s PRAY and PLAY for the people who were killed in this earthquake. Let¡¯s HELP!