2007 CNASA Table Tennis Tournament Guideline

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Posted by CNASA on October 04, 2007 at 13:31:21:

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2007 CNASA Table Tennis Tournament Guideline


Host:            CNASA

Co-Host:      MIT T-CLUB, MIT CAST

Date:            Sunday, Oct. 7th, 2007

Time:            9:00AM – 7:00PM



                      Menís Division A

                      Menís Division B

                      Womenís Division

                      Juniorís Division


General Guide

1.     Each team consists of a captain, 3 – 5 players. There is no limit for number of coaches. Each one can have multiple roles.

2.     Before each match, teams will need to decide which team is home team and which team is visiting team, by coin toss.

3.     The home team will line up as 1-2-3-1-2 and visiting team will line up as 2-1-3-1-2. Once the line-up is submitted, no change is allowed unless the reason stated in section 4.

4.     If for unavoidable leaving, the unfinished game will be recorded as 0:3 loss and each of the unfinished sets will be recorded as 0:11. The reasons include health problem, injury, emergency absence and any type of dismiss due to the violation of the tournament rule and agreement. If there is remaining game for the absentee, a substitution can be made.  When a player leaves the game with whatever reason, s/he can no longer play any game in this tournament.

5.     There will be no timeout during a set. There will be a timeout up to one minute between sets.

6.     All paddles should follow ITTF regulations. All playersí serves should also follow the related regulation. Each violation will be panelized for one point.

7.     Due to limited resource, there will be no referee during competition. It is playerís responsibility to remember, record and report the score to the front desk. The organizer will provide some mechanism to resolve any dispute during matches. All parties MUST accept the final decision made by the referee committee.

8.     The tournament adopts 11-piont formats. Each game will be decided by the best of 5 sets.

9.     Pool ranking will be decided by win-loss record. If the win-loss records are tied, the net games, net sets, net points will be used respectively in the entire round robin.


Division specific Info

1.     Menís Division A

       4 teams will play round robin, and the winner will be decided according the rule 9 above.

The teams that play division A are:






2.     Menís division B:

       18 teams are divided into 4 pools. Pool A and D will have 5 teams in each. Pool B and C have four teams each.

       Teams in each pool play round robin to decide their ranking in the pool.

       Top two teams in each pool will advance to playoff. 

       In round robin in pool B and C (4 teams each), each match is decided in best of 5 games. Each game is decided in best of 5 sets.

       In pool A and D, each match will have three games; each game is decided in best of 5 sets. Note, all three games have to be played no matter of result of first two, not best of three.

       In play-off, each match is decided in best of 5 games. Each game is decided in best of 5 sets.

Pool A:

Central Chinese school-1,


Newton Chinese school



Pool B:





Pool C:


Central Chinese school-2

Newton BTTC-2


Pool D:


Team Young

Newton TTC




3.     Womenís Division

       5 teams will play round robin to decide the winner.

The teams that play women division are:




                      Team young



4.     Juniorís Division

       11 teams are divided into three pools. Pool A has 3 teams, pool B and C have four teams each.

       Teams in each pool play round robin to decide their ranking in the pool.

       Top team in each pool and the better team in pool B and Cís runner-up will advance to playoff.

       Each match is decided in best of 5 games. Each game is decided in best of 5 sets.

       The playoff will follow the following bracket:

Pool A:




                      Pool B:





                      Pool C:








                      9:00AM         Team lead report to front desk

                      9:30AM         Junior division and women division begin.

                      11:00PM       Menís division B matches begin

                      14:00PM       Menís division A begin

The detailed schedule is available in a separate document.






Important Note: Due to some uncertainties, minor change might be made without further notice. However there will be no major change.



CNASA Table Tennis Committee