SARS and PingPong Tournament (4/19)

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Posted by CNASA on April 11, 2003 at 05:41:28:

SARS and PingPong Tournament (4/19)



CNASA Cup Pingpong Tournament will be held at MIT DuPond Athletic Center as scheduled on April 19, 2003. However, due to the recent outbreak of epidemic SARS in southeast Asia, especially in HongKong and China mainland and several related occurrences in the local area, CNASA Board Committee would like to announce the following guidelines for the coming event.


1)    CNASA strongly recommends that anyone who or whose family members recently traveled to China and surrounding southeast Asia area should have at least a 10-day quarantine before he/she participate in this event. In other words, anyone who or whose family members come back from above mentioned area after April 9th is discouraged to participate in this event.


2)    Anyone who or whose family members have been diagnosed with SARS should not participate in this event.


3)    CNASA suggests that anyone who suffers from SARS-type symptom should not participate in this event unless his/her doctor provides a negative diagnosis.


4)    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: CNASA is NOT responsible for any consequence of SARS related issues in this event. CNASA declares that the participants of this event are at their own risks regarding SARS issues.


Because of the contagious nature of SARS and the large number of Chinese participants in this event, CNASA strongly recommends that all the participants follow the guidelines specified above. It is not only for the success of this tournament, it is also for the safety and health of all of us.



CNASA Board Committee


April 8th, 2003