Invitation:: 7th CNASA¨CMIT CSSA Cup Annual Pair Bridge Tournament

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Posted by CNASA on November 05, 2006 at 10:51:30:



7th CNASA ¨C MIT CSSA Cup Annual Pair Bridge Tournament, 2006



1. Registration information:

¡¤    Host: The Chinese North American Sports Association (CNASA), MIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association (MIT-CSSA).

¡¤    Date: 7pm to 11 pm, Dec. 2, 2006.

¡¤    Location: MIT classroom 34-301 and 34-303

¡¤    Light refreshment will be provided.


2. Registration procedure:

¡¤    This tournament opens to Chinese-American community, so in each registered pair, there must be one of Chinese ethnicity.

¡¤    Email entry to: before Dec. 1, 2006.

¡¤    Registration Fee: $5 per player. ( free of charge to undergraduate & HS students; Graduate student pay $2 ).


3. Award:


Each pair of players will randomly draw into East-West or North-South group at the beginning of the game. Each East-West players will meet every North-South players once for 3-5 boards. Total 24-30 boards will be played.


The first place finish of either East-West or North-South will become the Champion of that direction, each will be awarded a nice CNASA trophy. The overall highest score pair will eventually become the Champion of this Annual event, and win the Travel Champion Trophy, the player names of this pair will be put on the Trophy.


Player who won the Travel Champion Trophy for three times, will receive a special MVP plaque with his/her achievements in all CNASA bridge tournaments finished with 2nd place or better.