Chinese North American Sports Association - CNASA

I. Introduction
CNASA - Chinese North American Sports Association was first organized and certified in Cambridge City Hall in March, 1999. In December 2001, the CNASA was incorporated as a Massachusetts non-profit organization. In October, 2002, CNASA was determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (C) (3) status of the Internal Revenue Code.

The CNASA is organized exclusively for educational, charitable and fostering amateur sports purposes. Its purpose is to promote and encourage Chinese persons living in the United States, including those with elderly and disabilities, to participate in athletic exercises, activities and competitions in order to enhance and foster their quality of life, health and self-esteem.

II. CNASA General Guiding Principle
Peace, Friendship, Sports, Recreation, Healthy

III. Organization and Activities
The CNASA has established extensive contacts with many Chinese American and Chinese associations-attending colleges, universities, Chinese School and Boston societies, with existing sport teams or clubs, individual working stuff with sport interest here, and has successfully organized some medium to large scale community sports activities and competitions within this three years. Among the activities and programs that the organization carried out are:

(1) athletic education and training programs for Chinese communities including Chinese children and adults, and children and elderly with disabilities such as Aerobic dancing, Taebo exercise class, Taichi classes since 1999.

(2) children Fencing training and performance program at Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture-CCCC and Boston Fencing Club, and children and adult Table Tennis since 1999;

(3) sponsorship or co-sponsorship and participation in local and community sports events such as:

1999-2002 annual Chinese school (CCCC) Fencing class and competition 2000 summer field Swimming meets

2001-2007 Bridge Card Team and Pair and Individual tournaments

2001-2006 1st-4th Table Tennis (co-operate with MIT-T-Club, MIT CAST) tournaments

2001 -2007 Spring-Fall 1st-6th basketball tournaments

2002 Spring 2nd basketball tournaments

2002 Go games (Weiqi)

2002-2006 1st- 3rd Badminton tournaments

2002-2007 Spring-Fall 1st-5th Volleyball tournaments

2005 summer soccer tournament

(4) discover and encourage Chinese or American sports experts and famous athletes in the present or past in Boston and the United States to organize these important sports events, and to help those Chinese participants to achieve the award price or to win the variety sports games;

(5) promotion of sport exchange activities between China and the United States, including assist residents of China to visit the United States in order to well-participate in local sport events, such as in the annual April Boston Marathon since 1999; LaLa team for WomenĄŻs 2000 Soccer US Gold Cup or World Cup; organizing hundreds to thousand individuals to purchase tickets and to attend watching those professional sport events;

(6) contact many Chinese athletes performing in the China or U.S, and introduce them, as role models, to the local people here. There were many articles written by the CNASA president, board members, club directors and sport organizers since 1999. Most of these articles and papers with photos reporting the winners and results from World Cups, and local CNASA sports events were published on the local Chinese newspapers or magazines such as Chinese World Journal (Shijieribao), Boston Chinese Report (Boston Jishibao=Meizhoushibao) and Chinese Press (Qiaobao) etc. During the fall of 2000, CNASA had continually reported Chinese and American Olympic gold medallist or top list on the Boston Jishibao to the local Chinese within eight weeks.

(7) in summer of 2001, CNASA with other 20 more joint local Chinese associations successfully leaded about 7500 people to sign their name on the supportive bulletin to announce the Beijing won the 2008 Olympics, and sent the bulletin to Beijing Olympic Center, the celebration party was followed by Boston Chinese Committee.

(8) CNASA currently is a membership of Overseas Committee of Beijing Athletic Center.

(9) CNASA will continually organize diverse athletic activities time by time to reach the sports-lover needs.

IV. Logo

V. Website and E-mail Address
For invitation, admission information, each individual general game rule, registration or admission information, tournament results and photos, please visit the CNASA website:

Online Registration:

For reviewing of the CNASA annual invitation of sports matches and tournaments, question responsible and confirmation reply, please contact E-mail: CNASA

VI. Board of Directors and Officials, Directors and Officials

The organization board of directors and officials, directors and officials (none of whom receives compensation in such capacities, so far) are as follows:
I. Board of Directors and Officials

Ying Chang: President
Pan Li: Website and Clerk
Yankai Zhang: Tournament Director
Cuiping Ding: Treasurer
Tiesong Luke Ma: Volleyball Organizer
Tao Yu: Volleyball Organizer
Zhiping You: Badminton Organizer
Wilson Li: Badminton Organizer
Lianshun Zhang: Soccer Organizer
Jian Wang: Basketball Organizer
Yankai Zhang: Table Tennis Organizer
Guoliang Liung: Table Tennis Organizer
Shenghong Yang: Bridge Organizer
(Board committee December 1, 2003 effective and updated on Aug. 5, 2007, March 24, 2008, June 1, 2008, October 4, 2014, December 20, 2014)

II. Clubs and Directors

Clubs Directors
Club of Basketball Yankai Zhang
Baoquan Gao
Jianfeng Guo
(Huaxin You)
Club of VolleyballHongsheng Ge
Donghao Chen
Club of BadmintonJun Xian
Club of Table Tennis Yankai Zhang
Guoliang Liu (MIT-Club)
Juniors Division Kaiyu Wang, Quan Wang
Soccer Lianshun Zhang
Club of Children's Fencing Ying Chang
(Ying Chang currently is a Coach in Boston Fencing Club:, on Saturday programs)
III. Officials

Photographer Hongying Zhao
Yankai Zhang
Front deskJianzhong Zhang
Zhifang Shen
Geng Ren
Yixian Zhang
Honor OfficialsYun Zhang (Xia)
Yi Jin

IV. Honor Roll (former CNASA organizers)

former CNASA VP Xinfa Yang
former organizersTian Gao, Jiadi Jack Wang, Xuemin Yin, Yi Bao, Sue Ma, David Fanlin Kong, Yunong Miao, Xiaogang gao, Young Luo, Michael Yang and Mason Yang

VII. Memberships
CNASA currently does not have memberships from individuals or teams of CNASA sport events, and no one is charged by the membership fee, so far. Individuals and teams are CNASA sport event participates.

VIII. Charity and Fund Raising
The organization is just beginning its first stages of fund raising. Having now established its 501(c)(3) status, it expects to seek funds from private foundations, individuals, companies and businesses or government programs. The organization does not contemplate using professional fundraisers. Therefore, the association sports events expect and welcome the financial supports or supportive advertisement from variety of charity donors and community donations. If you are willing to support the CNASA sports activities, please contact the CNASA email address CNASA or mail your contribution to the address as followed (CNASA will acknowledge all contributions):
CNASA treasurer
6 Marion Rd
Belmont MA 02478